I grew up in Palo Alto, California, living alongside some of the words most intelligent and innovative people. While I was not one of those young geniuses who began attending Stanford math classes at 13, living in Palo Alto exposed me to a culture where everyone is encouraged to be a creative and progressive as they can be. While attending Palo Alto High School I was the TA for the sculpture department, teaching glassblowing and the finer points of found-object assembly and helping mock up autocad diagrams for the robotics team.

I never lost my thirst for learning and creating. Computer Science has been the first thing in my life to tie all of my passions together; there is always a creative and technical side to each challenge, and the global community is always ready and willing to assist a relative newcomer. Mobile development in particular has taken me, being able to work with both design and code elements of a project that will reach a global audience is both captivating and motivating.

Mostly self-taught, I do what I do because I love it, and live for the moment where all the pieces come together to form a complete, almost organic organism. Nothing makes me happier than tuning my projects by implementing the perfect algorithm, or styling the views as I would a piece of art. I am constantly looking for a challenge, and if you’re reading this and have one, let me know!